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Observer Podcast Episode 26: Evolution, The Texas Medical Board and The Boy Scouts of America

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  • Kristin

    Yes there were serious scientists that tried to plant doubt about evolution, BUT they were mostly chemical engineers, home-school publishers, one dentist, and retired physicists (non-experts in this field) – all unrelated fields. I did not witness one geologist or biologist (the experts) that expressed any doubt about evolution or climate science.

In this episode of Observer Radio, staff writer Emily DePrang shares the details on a report suggesting capital punishment in Texas needs a major overhaul. Staff Writer Patrick Michels explains why a woman was dressed as a Tyrannosaurus Rex at this week's State Board of Education hearing on textbooks. Saul Elbein checks in from Vancouver to talk about his cover story "Anatomy of a Tragedy."

Our guest for this episode is Eric Hay, an Eagle Scout hoping to convince the Boy Scouts of America to allow members of the LGBT to hold leadership positions.