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The MOLLY National Journalism Prize

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The Molly National Journalism Prize—Recognizing Superior Journalism in the Tradition of Molly Ivins! 

The MOLLY Prize is awarded for an article or series of up to four short, related articles or columns telling the stories that need telling, challenging conventional wisdom, focusing on civil liberties and/or social justice, and embodying the intelligence, deep thinking and/or passionate wit that marked Molly’s work.

The 2014 MOLLY National Journalism Prize has presented to Dave Philipps of The Gazette (Colorado Springs) for a series of stories documenting how the U.S. military abuses its wounded warriors. One of the MOLLY Prize judges called “Other than Honorable: Disposable; Left Behind; and Locked Away” (May 19-21, 2013) a “stupendous effort from a paper this size.” The awards ceremony in Austin, Texas, featured emcee Connie Schultz, a Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, and National Public Radio correspondent Wade Goodwyn. 

Honorable Mention awards were presented to: Haley Sweetland EdwardsThe Washington Monthly, for “He Who Makes The Rules (March/April 2013), a revealing exploration of the workings and power of the rule-making process; and Michael M. Phillips, a two-time MOLLY Prize finalist, of The Wall Street Journal for “The Lobotomy Files” (December 12-15, 2013), an investigation of how what we now call PTSD was once treated by removing parts of veterans’ brains.

Read more about the 2014 winners in “Dave Philipps Wins Top Award at the 2014 MOLLY National Journalism Prize Dinner.”


2013: Sarah Stillman, The New Yorker
2012: Trevor Aaronson, Mother Jones
2011: Jeff Sharlet, Harper’s Magazine
2010: A.C. Thompson, ProPublica
2009: Rick Casey, The Houston Chronicle
2008: Diane Suchetka, The Cleveland Plain Dealer