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Hot List Day 122

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Day 122 of the 82nd Texas Legislature

“This is the wild, wild West right now. We’re just asking for a few fences.”
Rep. Vicki Truitt, R-Keller, on her bill to regulate payday lenders.

According to an analysis obtained by the Observer, the drastic proposed cuts to family planning programs will lead to more 280,000 women would be denied birth control and essential reproductive healthcare services. That means over 20,000 more births in Texas and will cost the state almost $100 million.

In Texas, schools are still allowed to hit students in the classroom. And yesterday, the Texas House voted down a bill that would have required schools to get parental consent before using corporal punishment. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, opponents of the bill believe schools should make their own policies and regulations when it comes to hitting kids. 

It’s a big day, folks. The House has until midnight to pass major House bills. Expect some chaos on the floor as members try to push their bills through—and even with those efforts, expect a lot of bills to die.

Alexa Garcia-Ditta is an Observer reporter (and former intern) covering women's health, reproductive health and health care access across the Lone Star State. Before joining the Observer, she was a staff news writer at the San Antonio Current. She holds an MA in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin and BA in journalism and Spanish from UT-Arlington, where she worked for three years on her college newspaper. After graduate school, she dipped her toe in public policy communications at the Center for Public Policy Priorities. When she's not at work, she's probably training for her next marathon.