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Hidalgo County’s Voting Machine Meltdown

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The Irish have a word for it “shenanigans.”

Hidalgo County’s having voting glitches, folks, according to News Channel 5 in the Rio Grande Valley. The Hidalgo County clerk is on the phone with the Secretary of State’s office, according to Channel 5.

There are some hot races in Hidalgo County including House District 36 in western Hidalgo held by Kino Flores who is stepping down to deal with an indictment. Licensed Counselor Sandra Rodriguez and Sergio Munoz, Jr., who was tapped by Flores, are running for the seat.

There’s also a hotly run seat for county commissioner with longtime commissioner Oscar Garza running against Joseph Palacios a staffer for County Commissioner Sylvia Handy, also under indictment and sporting an ankle bracelet.

This is not the first time Hidalgo County’s had issues with voting glitches. It could be a few days before we get the real results.

Melissa del Bosque joined The Texas Observer staff in 2008. She specializes in reporting on immigration and the U.S.-Mexico border. Her work has been published in national and international publications including TIME magazine and the Mexico City-based Nexos magazine. Melissa is a 2014-15 Lannan Fellow at The Investigative Fund.