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Final Friday was started as First Friday about 40 years ago and had various hosts and venues over the decades. For many years before her death, Molly Ivins hosted the once-a-month party at her home. In more recent times, Final Friday moved from house to house each month with several different hosts throughout the year.

The Texas Observer Final Friday
Like the original parties of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, The Texas Observer Final Fridays are gatherings of Texas progressives — writers, artists, musicians, activists, and a bunch of other folks who care about civil liberties and social and economic justice. Each month, these folks gather in cities around the state – and in some cases beyond – to commiserate and celebrate with one another. Shared finger food, bring-your-own-beverage (BYOB) and inclusion of all are the orders of the day.

Three times a month, we’ll send out reminders on where the Final Friday nearest you is. We’ll also keep the events page updated, so you can find out there, too.

If you don’t see a Final Friday near you, it’s easy to start one in your area — just email your contact information to [email protected] and we’ll help get you started. You can also write us if you want to host a Final Friday or add yourself to the Final Friday email list in your city. And occasionally, we’ll send Observer editors and contributors to entertain the assembled throngs.

As of January 2014, Texas Observer Final Fridays will take place in:
Amarillo, TX
Austin, TX
Bastrop, TX
Boulder, CO
Houston, TX
Huntsville, TX
McKinney, TX
San Antonio, TX
Waco, TX
Washington D.C.

Check the events page here for the latest Final Friday information.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1310690209 Trilla Pando

    In Houston, come to the Barnstones’ at 3450 Binz. Anytime from 7 on.

  • Octavia

    are you going to have one in Texas

  • Octavia

    one in Dallas Texas sorry