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Steve Hotze to Gay Nazis: En Garde!

by Christopher Hooks | Fri, Aug 14, 2015 at 15:07 CST
jerry-maston-granbury-christian-values-chris-hooksby Christopher Hooks

Minding the Flock

In Granbury, evangelical leaders rally the faithful with talk of Hitler, slavery, sodomy and voter turnout.

On Friday, at the second annual Christian Values Summit, some 200 evangelicals met in the Granbury Resort Conference Center to consider America’s precipitous ...Read More

2015 Inauguration Day Capitolby Christopher Hooks

Off to the Races

GOP primary season is almost upon us. Duck.

For much of the next year, Texans with a high tolerance for bullshit will have the opportunity to follow along with the finest still-legal bloodsport in the sta...Read More