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Culture Divide

by Todd Moye | Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 19:42 CST

Holy Smoke

You have your holiday traditions, and I have mine. For the past two years, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I’ve abandoned my family with the in-laws in Austin and driven 75 minutes east to Lexington, where Snow’s Barbecue serves up … Read More


Canon Fodder

Dominic Jerome (“Dominique”) Green had the kind of childhood you wouldn’t wish on anyone and an adulthood that, while truncated, anyone would admire. Green was born and raised in Houston by drug-addicted parents. His mother, a diagnosed schizophrenic, abused Dominique … Read More


Slow Train to Freedom

That Abraham Lincoln “freed the slaves” may be the most enduring myth in American history. “But wait!” you say, remembering the fine print of the Emancipation Proclamation. “Lincoln freed the slaves only in territory controlled by the Confederate Army in … Read More


The Economist

Historians have written so many books about Martin Luther King, Jr. that it might seem there is little left to say about the man or the American civil rights movement many think he personified. Thomas F. Jackson’s new book should … Read More