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By Thomas Korosec:


Dallas Democrats Hold on to County Seats

by Thomas Korosec | Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 4:08 CST
But lose in the statehouse

Dallas County Democrats in Trouble

Democrats were in a fight to retain their edge in Dallas County, although Bill White pulled ahead of Gov. Rick Perry in the county with 54 percent of a heavy early vote. Returns were released just as the polls closed … Read More


Rain Falling on Dallas Democrats’ Parade

Heavy thunderstorm likely to favor Republicans

Dallas County Democrats have some adverse weather to contend with today – and we’re not just talking about voter discontent blowing in off the Potomac. At about 11 a.m., a rainstorm moved in on a chilly breeze and parked itself … Read More


Tough races for Big D Democrats

Scandals fail to stop incumbents

Whether the currents that turned Dallas County blue in 2006 become a rip tide back to the GOP bears watching today. Courthouse candidates such as District Attorney Craig Watkins—he of the national reputation for reversing wrongful convictions—and a number of … Read More


Bill of Goods

Shady dealings and duplicity at a Fort Worth jewelry superstore form the central premise of How To Sell, the debut novel by former Dallas merchant Clancy Martin. The art of the deal, or rather the hustle, makes up the better-crafted … Read More


Big Bad D

Jim “Hoss” Brock, ever the PR man, never let Dallas’ sometimes-miserable January weather get in the way of his Cotton Bowl Classic, the big New Year’s Day college football game he ran from 1979 to 1992. “We’d tell ’em the … Read More