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By Susan Smith Richardson:


Power Politics

by Susan Smith Richardson | Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 17:24 CST
Books about Texas, the presidency and national politics remind us that the Lone Star State has a long history of influencing the country’s agenda.

The Power of Words

It’s no small feat to harness the power of words. Words can free you or trap you; make you feel or make you think. The authors featured in our Fall Books issue have done so admirably, and on subjects from … Read More


Helping Neighborhoods Organize Themselves

A community garden. A voter-education campaign. A community center in a low-income apartment complex. These are some of the programs Charhonda Cox supports as the staff and project director for the Texans Together Education Fund. The Houston-based nonprofit helps communities … Read More

Direct Quote

Preserving the State Cemetery

Will Erwin, senior historian at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin, describes himself as a “history dork.” His love of history attracted him to a job where he’s a Jack-of-all-trades. Erwin, 36, blogs, leads tours, helps with funerals, occasionally tends … Read More

Criminal Justice

A Traitor to Her Race

Her white attackers called Anne Braden a race traitor. A middle-class white woman from Alabama, Braden rejected her racial privilege in the Jim Crow South and devoted her life to fighting racism. Social justice historians and longtime Southern organizers know … Read More


House District 26: As Fort Bend Goes

Two Republican women of color are running for Charlie Howard's former seat.

Fort Bend has been called a bellwether county so often that it’s easy to become skeptical about the use of the term—even if the description is accurate. Fort Bend, which sits just southwest of Houston, is among the most diverse … Read More

Grassroots Struggle

Message from the Grassroots

As a young woman, Dorothy Turner rode the bus from East Austin to West Austin to clean white women’s homes. Her political education was on the back of the bus talking to other maids. But unlike the maids in the … Read More

Criminal Justice

Union Defender

Becky Moeller on being the first female president of the Texas AFL-CIO.

Becky Moeller is the first female president of the 220,000-member Texas AFL-CIO. Moeller has been active in unions for 35 years. She joined the Communication Workers of America (CWA) Local 6137 in Corpus Christi in 1967 and eventually became local … Read More


In Fort Worth, No Butts About It

In Fort Worth, when the bus pulls up, young men pull up their pants. If not, granny or a bus driver will get them. On most buses, a poster featuring two stern-looking grandmothers—one black, one white—reminds riders of the transit … Read More


Do the Boots Make the Man?

The governor may wear boots, but not all real Texans do.

On a Saturday afternoon in Austin, Allens Boots teems with visitors and newcomers to Texas. Tugging on boots and trying on cowboy hats, they want to buy a piece of the Texas mystique and the myth of the rural, rugged … Read More