Susan Smith Richardson

  • Power Politics

    Aside from being Texans, John Nance Garner and Lyndon Baines Johnson had something else in common. As vice presidents, they were eclipsed by charismatic […] Full Story

  • The Power of Words

    It’s no small feat to harness the power of words. Words can free you or trap you; make you feel or make you think. […] Full Story

  • Helping Neighborhoods Organize Themselves

    A community garden. A voter-education campaign. A community center in a low-income apartment complex. These are some of the programs Charhonda Cox supports as […] Full Story

  • Preserving the State Cemetery

    Will Erwin, senior historian at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin, describes himself as a “history dork.” His love of history attracted him to […] Full Story

  • House District 26: As Fort Bend Goes

    Fort Bend has been called a bellwether county so often that it’s easy to become skeptical about the use of the term—even if the […] Full Story