Steven G. Kellman

Contributing writer Steven G. Kellman is the author of Redemption: The Life of Henry Roth.

By Steven G. Kellman:


A Nuclear Family Comes Apart

The toxic radiation emitted by the Hardings of Houston comes from the fission of a nuclear family. The fission also accounts for the power that Andrew Porter harnesses in his debut novel, In Between Days. Once the hottest architect in … Read More


The Novel is Dead, Long Live the Novel

The novel springs from a sense of its own obsolescence. Novels were already passé in the 17th century, when Miguel de Cervantes dispatched Don Quixote, dazed and confused by the preposterous Amadis of Gaul, to joust with windmills. In the … Read More


The Apprentice

Mentor opens with what Hollywood folk call a “meet-cute” scene. While waiting tables at Louie’s Backyard in Key West, Tom Grimes is hungry for his breakthrough as a literary star. Yearning for admission to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, he has … Read More


Motherless Texas

Except for its setting in rural Lavaca County, roughly midway between Houston and San Antonio, the opening chapter of The Wake of Forgiveness might have been another Dickens tale about a birth that kills the mother. Bruce Machart begins his … Read More


Cabin Fever

Lost Books of Texas In 1844, when the Boston Daily Advertiser proclaimed Charles Sealsfield “the greatest American author,” the competition was sparse. Even so, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allan Poe were not chopped liver. But Sealsfield surpassed … Read More


What’s Left of Texas

To anyone unfamiliar with the Observer, “Texas Left” might seem an oxymoron, or some grotesque creature hunted to near-extinction in the Piney Woods. Was it last sighted jaywalking across Guadalupe Street when hit by a Hummer? Maybe we can read … Read More