Stayton Bonner

  • Naked in Galveston

    Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca’s Chronicle of the Narváez Expedition—the first written account of what is now Texas—has enough bloodletting, cannibalism and equine deaths […] Full Story

  • Piney Wood Pulp

    Like most of Nacogdoches-based Joe R. Lansdale’s work, Vanilla Ride is set in East Texas. More Flannery O’Connor than Elmer Kelton, East Texas is […] Full Story

  • Where the Wild Things Are

    The rubber Sasquatch head stared with glassy eyes from atop its pedestal. Beneath its gaze, Bigfoot Conference attendees milled about Tyler’s Caldwell Auditorium. Children […] Full Story

  • Nuts

    Fourth in an occasional series on recession-era Texas. Locked chains snake through Plainview’s Peanut Corp. of America plant fence, clinking in the wind. Grain […] Full Story

  • Dateline

    While I waited for the safety instructor, my eyes wandered to a laminated photograph on the wall. Among motivational posters of sunset kayakers and […] Full Story