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Back from the Brink

by Patrick Michels | Fri, Aug 28, 2015 at 11:08 CST
How one Austin high school rallied to save itself
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Introducing Our New Website

Recently, I spent a few sentimental minutes — thanks to the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine” — browsing the Observer’s website from the late ’90s. George W. Bush was still governor, and people unironically discussed the “The Information Superhighway,” which they … Read More

Jaxon Huffman — kids with diabilities
Health care

UPDATED: Cuts Threaten Therapy Services for Disabled Texas Kids

Earlier this year, the Legislature passed a budget rider directing the Health and Human Services Commission to find ways to save on Medicaid therapy costs. The commission settled on a scheme that would cut reimbursement rates for Medicaid therapy providers that disabled Texans like Jaxon rely on. The cuts amount to a loss of $150 million in state money over the next two fiscal years, and jeopardize another $200 million in federal matching funds. Read More

Robert Bakker — sketch artist

Unearthing a Lost World

Nearly all of the fossils in this Seymour quarry are Dimetrodon or similar “sail-backed” predators. It’s a concentration of flesh eaters unprecedented in the modern world, and a pattern that’s repeated in the vast majority of dig sites in Baylor County. Paleontologists Robert Bakker and David Temple want to find out why. Read More