Rusty Middleton

Rusty Middleton is a freelance writer living in Wimberley.
  • Clearing the Air

    Aaron Hartsfield already knew his signature had been forged on the document submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. There was no way […] Full Story

  • Dateline: Hays County

    In June, the five members of the Hays County Commissioners Court did what, until recently, would have been almost unthinkable: They effectively stopped expansion […] Full Story

  • War of the Wells

    Neighbors say they move in quickly. Suddenly a tall, garish, mechanical contraption belching fumes and noise dominates the neighborhood. Heavy trucks pound the streets. […] Full Story

  • A Lot of Nerve

    Once again an impoverished Texas neighborhood, in this case in the town of Port Arthur, has become the disposal point for hazardous waste, only […] Full Story

  • What Lies Beneath

    Cecile Carson’s property has an aura of rural homeyness. The neat yard, happy dogs, and blooming flowers along her fence rails suggest a love […] Full Story