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Roberto Ontiveros is an artist, critic and fiction writer; his work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Threepenny Review, the Dallas Morning News, and others.

By Roberto Ontiveros:


Coming of Age in Brownsville

by Roberto Ontiveros | Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 19:51 CST

Coming of Age in Brownsville

It has always taken a lot of guts to write unfavorably about one’s family. Domingo Martinez, a Seattle-based writer who grew up in Brownsville, just might be one of the bravest memoirists around. In his first book, The Boy Kings … Read More


Cine Las America’s Maturing Voice

At 15, Cine Las Americas, the international film festival featuring titles from Mexico and Latin America, is coming of age. “It takes time to know who your audience is,” says Eugenio del Bosque, executive director of the highly successful Austin … Read More


Sandra Cisneros to Leave Texas

Celebrated author and benefactor of Latino/Latina writers, Sandra Cisneros plans to leave Texas. Cisneros, who lives in San Antonio, says she wants to spend more time pursuing her writing and will move next year—possibly to Spain or New Mexico. “I … Read More

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The Measure of a Man

Before the End, After the Beginning: Stories by Dagoberto Gilb AFICIONADOS OF STORIES IN WHICH tough guys take care of their families and manage to get a little action on the side have looked to the work of Dagoberto Gilb … Read More


Party Time in McAllen

WHEN I WAS 15, WEARING EYELINER and dressing like The Cure, I used to go to “Mex” (Mexico) on Friday and Saturday nights. A lot of other kids from McAllen would cross the border into Reynosa as well. You could … Read More

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Ernest Cline: Geeking Out and Getting Paid

In the 1984 film The Last Starfighter, a boy immerses himself in a video game world to escape his mundane trailer park existence. His skills with a joystick lead to real-world adventure, fame and fortune when he’s recruited to protect … Read More


The Real Enchilada

My late grandmother Martha made mole—which I knew as a dark peanut and chocolate sauce over chicken—for her nine children on their birthdays. Originally, I’m told, she slaved over the stove with the garlic and cocoa and dried chilies. By … Read More


For Bolaño, No Divine Miracles

Amulet Since his death in 2003 at age 50, Chilean-born writer Roberto Bolaño seems to have skipped over the typical stages of an emerging literary cult figure and moved quickly toward canonization. A novel, a collection of short stories, and … Read More


The Power of Ten

From a renovated church in East Austin, its bright offices lined with posters of exotic foreign films, Eugenio del Bosque presides over a rare marriage—an arts festival and outreach program for struggling schoolchildren that is proving to be a lasting … Read More