Robert Bryce

  • Our Alcohol Problem

    Jim Schwertner can almost see food prices rising in real time. He only needs to look through the big smudged window behind his paperwork-covered […] Full Story

  • The Madness of Bankers

    Millions of words have been written about the ongoing financial disaster largely caused by the subprime mortgage mess. But the most concise and easiest […] Full Story

  • The Oil Conundrum

    From 1859, when Colonel Drake discovered oil in Pennsylvania, through 1973, the U.S. was the dominant player in the global energy business. For much […] Full Story

  • A Death Reconsidered

    Since last March, when I wrote a story about the apparent suicide of Col. Ted Westhusing in Iraq, I had believed there was nothing […] Full Story

  • I am Sullied-No More

    Ted Westhusing was a true believer. And that was his fatal flaw. A colonel in the U.S. Army, Westhusing had a good job teaching […] Full Story