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The Observer Review: Bret Anthony Johnston’s Remember Me Like This

Remember Me Like This
Bret Anthony Johnston
Random House
384 pages; $26.00

Remember Me Like This is a stereotypical young literary author’s debut novel. It comes heavily hyped and praised, features beautiful prose and almost no plot, flirts with the trappings of a genre novel but dares not dirty its hands with the actual workings of one, and generally disappoints.

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A Dangling Metaphor

The Kentucky Club, a storied, once-elegant bar whose historic guests include Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe, sits on Avenida Juarez, four blocks from the U.S. border in Mexico’s most infamous city. The bar appears in every one of the short stories in Benjamin Alire Saenz’s book, though, contrary to the title, nothing begins or ends […]

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The Devil in East Texas

Devil Red was my rookie tour with Joe Lansdale’s odd couple Hap & Leonard—a working-class white guy and a gay black man working as private investigators in East Texas—and it took a while to get my feet under me. The novel opens in a parked car, as Leonard tells Hap why they have to charge […]

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