Michelle Garcia

Michelle Garcia
Michelle García is a columnist for the Observer. Her work has appeared in Salon, the Boston Review, the Atlantic Monthly’s Quartz and The Washington Post among other publications. García, a native South Texan, is at work on a book about myth, the border and manhood, and her documentary film, Against Mexico: the Making of Heroes and Enemies, can be found at PBS.org. michellegarciainc.com | @pistoleraprod michellegarciainc.com | @pistoleraprod
  • Children waiting in the Desarrollo Integral de la Familia in Reynosa, Mexico.

    Your Brain on the Border

    For insights into the thinking behind the Texas Legislature’s proposed border policy—which amounts to more boots, guns and money—we look to the science of […] Full Story

  • art work for Michelle Garcia's essay for 60th anniversary issue

    The Next 60: Living at the Edge of Change

    Less obvious was the border as a place, home to millions of people charting a future within the paradox that is the border—desperately poor but highly lucrative; largely ignored while occupying a mythical place in the popular imagination. Full Story