Michael Agresta

Michael Agresta, an Austin resident, has written for Slate, the Atlantic and the Wall Street Journal.

By Michael Agresta:


The Man Who Designed Texas

by Michael Agresta | Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 0:00 CST
For three decades, DJ Stout’s vision has shaped how we look at the Lone Star State.

The Great Mellowing

God, Willie Nelson, and the increasingly thinkable pipe dream of marijuana reform

Thanks to God and Willie Nelson, marijuana reform is an increasingly thinkable pipe dream. Read More

Mel Chin "SEA to SEE"

Now You See It

Artist Mel Chin revisits home in Houston.

"Rematch," Mel Chin's overtly political career-retrospective exhibition, will dominate the Houston museum world for two months. Read More


City of Surfaces

Houston native Donald Barthelme never wrote about the breeze over Buffalo Bayou or the rise and fall of Texas oil fortunes. A star of postmodern American fiction until his death in 1989, Barthelme tended not to moor his stories and … Read More