Megan Headley

  • Erosion on the Back 40

    Being a “God, guns, and gays” Republican (for, for, against) has served Charlie Howard well in state House District 26, a conservative bastion southwest […] Full Story

  • A Draw’s a Win

    In the two previous sessions, abortion rights and family planning advocates resisted to no avail as pro-life lawmakers restricted access to abortions and siphoned […] Full Story

  • For God and Profit

    Some folks worship God. Others favor mammon. Those who try to combine the two are usually worth keeping an eye on. A case in […] Full Story

  • Being Warren Chisum

    Nervous tremors were evident when the announcement came that state Rep. Warren Chisum would take the helm of the House Appropriations Committee this session. […] Full Story

  • Northward Ho!

    Last year it seemed undeniable that the 80th Texas Legislature was headed for an ugly, divisive, and possibly epic battle over illegal immigration. Washington […] Full Story