Mary Jo McConahay

By Mary Jo McConahay:


Habitat for Inanity

by Mary Jo McConahay | Fri, Sep 7, 2007 at 0:00 CST
A Rio Grande fence will separate families, wreck economies, and threaten wildlife, but it won’t stop illegal immigrants.

They Die in Brooks County

As border security tightens, South Texas becomes a graveyard for the weak and the unlucky

At the Side Door Cafe in Falfurrias, Texas, body counts enter conversations as naturally as the price of feed, or the cost of repairing torn fences. “I removed 11 bodies last year from my ranch, 12 the year before,” said … Read More


Soldiers on the Border

Five years after 9/11, Washington's War on Terror changes life in West Texas

Under the night sky an armored skybox lifts its sleek head from the sand and rises into the air on hydraulic legs, jerking into place like some monstrous desert insect. At the controls, a 21-year-old Texas National Guard soldier packing … Read More