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Stories of Others

by Marian Haddad | Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 17:07 CST

The Good Niece

Mom’s uncle died today. She was a good niece. Blood is thick. He was a tall man, white-haired, balding, and thin. A face that showed strength, maybe too much of it. They say he beat his wife. My mother’s aunt. … Read More


Rediscovering Elroy Bode

In a Special Light Several years ago I was meeting with a San Antonio teacher named Deborah McInerney to discuss a poetry workshop when I coincidentally discovered she was from El Paso. Having grown up there, I asked Deborah what … Read More


Serene at 40?

She is somehow, thirty-nine and a half years old; her parents are dead; she has never been married,” speaks the narrator in Crescent, Diana Abu-Jaber’s latest novel. While Crescent tells the very real story of a woman nearing 40 who … Read More