Laura Burke

By Laura Burke:


The Burden of Proof

by Laura Burke | Thu, May 12, 2011 at 17:37 CST
When you believe someone you love is innocent, how do you prove it to the rest of the world?
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Blood and Treasure

Is Afghanistan worth the sacrifice?

Texans have paid dearly for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The highest cost is tallied in casualties. As this issue went to press, 467 Texas men and women had lost their lives since the United States invaded Afghanistan in … Read More

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What Did He Die For?

Texans Mourn—And Wonder

Men in work boots laid their cowboy hats on the floor and snuggled beside prim women and impeccably suited Marines at the First Baptist Church in Smithville on Nov. 6. They had come to mourn Cpl. Cody Roberts Stanley. Cody, … Read More