Joe R. Lansdale

Joe R. Lansdale is the author of more than 40 novels and 300 short pieces of fiction and nonfiction. He is Writer in Residence at Stephen F. Austin State University.
  • Darkness in the East

    Noir is a French word meaning dark. It’s used to identify a certain type of grim fiction or film. Don’t let the French name […] Full Story

  • Doggone Justice

    Things have changed. The world has evolved. A punch in the mouth ain’t what it used to be. Once you were more apt to […] Full Story

  • Dark Inspiration

    I can’t think about Edgar Allan Poe without thinking about my life, because he was there in dark spirit, in my room and in […] Full Story

  • Joe Lansdale on the future

    The Next 60: Where Are My Flying Cars?

    Not being able to predict the future doesn’t stop us from trying. We all think we possess the Magic 8 Ball and know what it’s all about, how things will turn out. We don’t. Full Story

  • The Battery Powered Christmas

    My parents and I were staying in a little, rented house that leaned to one side like a wet cardboard box. It was almost […] Full Story

  • The Last Minstrel Show

    Mt. Enterprise Back then, it was still thought ok to blacken your face, whiten your lips, talk in exaggerated accents, play music and tell […] Full Story

  • The Drowned Man

    In our early 20s, my wife and I didn’t have any money or real jobs. We were going to college and doing day labor […] Full Story

  • The Day Before The Day After

    I was 5 years old, and I lived in a house on top of a hill. Below it was a honky-tonk, and a highway […] Full Story