Joe R. Lansdale

  • The Battery Powered Christmas

    My parents and I were staying in a little, rented house that leaned to one side like a wet cardboard box. It was almost […] Full Story

  • The Last Minstrel Show

    Mt. Enterprise Back then, it was still thought ok to blacken your face, whiten your lips, talk in exaggerated accents, play music and tell […] Full Story

  • The Drowned Man

    In our early 20s, my wife and I didn’t have any money or real jobs. We were going to college and doing day labor […] Full Story

  • The Day Before The Day After

    I was 5 years old, and I lived in a house on top of a hill. Below it was a honky-tonk, and a highway […] Full Story

  • Darkness in the East

    Noir is a French word meaning dark. It’s used to identify a certain type of grim fiction or film. Don’t let the French name […] Full Story