Jim Hightower

By Jim Hightower:


GOP House Chooses Big Oil Over Granny

Republican congresssional leaders don’t seem to be the quickest bunnies in the litter. Having taken their blunt budget ax to Medicare, Medicaid, Head Start, EPA, NPR, and dozens of other popular and effective programs, they then scampered to save one … Read More


Workers Down, Bosses Up: A Morality Play

It’s good to know that some corporate chieftains feel the pain of their underlings, who keep being forced to do more for less. Take the example of Gannett, the media giant that owns 23 television stations and 82 newspapers, including … Read More


Do Congressional Millionaires Represent You?

Change is not the same as progress. Change can be the exact opposite. It can be regressive, as we’re now learning from—where else?—Congress. A flock of Tea Party-infused Republicans has changed the political dynamic there, and exultant GOP leaders are … Read More

Criminal Justice

Billionaire Bullies

Not all bullies are in schoolyards these days—quite a few have graduated to the executive suites of Corporate America. Take Charles and David Koch, multi-billionaire brothers whose lives of privilege and bloated sense of entitlement have turned them into such … Read More

Criminal Justice

Infesting the Court System

When corporate executives needed a political favor, they always went running to Congress. Now they can also run to the courthouse. Over the years, corporate chieftains and their political henchmen have ensconced reliable, laissez-faire ideologues in hundreds of federal judgeships, … Read More


EPA Revokes a Permit for Decapitating Mountains

Wrap-up – The Brand New Texas Observer Rabble Rouser! The 10th annual Rabble Rouser Round-Up and Fat Cat Schmoozefest shook the halls of the Emma Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center on 2/2/11.  It was a true community celebration with outstanding … Read More

Health Care

Health Care, Guns and Congress Critters

Isn’t it nice to know that whenever America faces a big issue, Americans can count on members of Congress to be there? For themselves. Take health care. Corporate-funded front groups churned out a mess of lies to foment public opposition … Read More


New Congress Critters Act Like Old Pros

One thing is clear from November’s election results: Those new, tea-infused Republican lawmakers are going to end business-as-usual in Congress. As incoming Sen. Rand Paul so plainly put it: “We’ve come to take our government back.” Ah, yes, a government … Read More


The Redistribution of America’s Wealth To The Few

America’s unemployed and downsized workers are furious that corporate profits, stock prices and CEO pay are up while hiring and wages are stagnant. But wait—U.S. corporations are increasing their payrolls. Just not in America. In a two-year period, these corporate … Read More