James McWilliams

  • What’s the Beef?

    Times are tough these days for Texas producers of grass-fed beef. Grass grows poorly, if at all, during the worst drought in recorded history. […] Full Story

  • PTSD in the Slaughterhouse

    There are approximately 1,100 federally inspected slaughterhouses in the United States, about 70 of which are in Texas. Most are in hinterlands such as […] Full Story

  • Urban Chic(k)

    Nobody knows exactly how many Austinites keep backyard chickens. We do know, however, that this movement is more than a passing fad in a […] Full Story

  • A Greens Revolution

    Over the past decade a powerful group of writers has revolutionized how we contemplate food. In essence, they’ve taught us the importance of eating […] Full Story