Eileen Welsome

  • Political Toll

    The conservatively dressed representatives of the Texas Department of Transportation who walked into the Capitol rotunda this spring found themselves engulfed in a perfect […] Full Story

  • Eminent Disaster

    On late Sunday afternoons, when shadows grow long in the Segundo Barrio, the crowds finally begin to thin on El Paso and Stanton streets. […] Full Story

  • Capitol Offense

    Although the current Legislative session is only a few weeks old, Ric Williamson, the embattled chairman of the Texas Transportation Commission, has already incurred […] Full Story

  • Yellowcake

    The following is an excerpt from a novel-in-progress about a miner named Leonard Benally and his family. The story takes place during the uranium […] Full Story

  • The Highwaymen

    Photo by Mike Osborne from the series “Interchanges,” 2004. Inkjet print, 40″x50″. (www.osbornephotography.net) Ric Williamson, a former state legislator and longtime pal of Gov. […] Full Story