Eileen Smith

Eileen Smith
  • Don McLeroy

    We Blinded Them…With Science

    On Tuesday the board of education held the first dramatic public hearing regarding new high school biology books. Full Story

  • Louie Gohmert

    Go, Go, Go Gohmert!

    There’s been some talk—mostly in tea sipping lawn chair circles—that Louie Gohmert may challenge incumbent Sen. John Cornyn in the March primary. Full Story

  • Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst

    Gov, Lite: Meet the Four (Whacky) Candidates for Texas Lt. Governor

    Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst is facing three Republican challengers, three conservative white men each with his own brand of whacky. Full Story

  • San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro at the DNC

    Texas Democrats, Make Your Move

    Forget about the great GOP awakening. Now is the perfect time for Texas Democrats to figure out what the hell they’re doing. The default explanation for their dismal showing was that Texas is not just red but bloody red, a stronghold of the Republican Party and ruled with an iron fist by Pharaoh, forcing the Chosen Ones to wander aimlessly in the desert looking for manna from heaven. But now the shifting demographics coupled with a rather clueless opposition party should be working in their favor. Full Story

  • Gallego vs Canseco: ¿Quien es mas Catolico?

    Last Thursday Bill Clinton turned on that old Clinton charm, which seems to work on everyone but his wife, to lend his support to Democratic state Rep. Pete Gallego in his congressional race. Full Story