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The Lonely Fight: Defending Music “Pirates” Against the Big 4

Ushering in Music Industry's New Golden Age (Requirements: Fists, Bit Torrent)

You really don’t want to F with Ray Beckerman.  Unless, that is, you’re one of the four major record labels (which, Ray will remind you, don’t count, given that they aren’t really, well, people, “no matter what the supreme court … Read More

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Gettin’ It (Death by Schwag)

Welcome to the Festival, Mr. May

15 minutes in and I can say thirty plus with a badge will seriously change your whole sxsw world.  Lard.  Plowing through my “big bag” of goodies unearths 3 (3!) pairs of earplugs, “the entertainers secret” throat softener spray thing … Read More