Chris Tomlinson

  • Dancing On The Page

    Almost every culture dances. In Texas, we two-step. In Austria, they waltz. The Congolese do the Soukous. And the tango is required learning in […] Full Story

  • Big Ideas at SXSW Interactive

    THE GEEKY SIDE OF SXSW began on Friday and we’re about halfway through. The big ideas being discussed this year include the future of […] Full Story

  • Shots Fired, No One Injured at Capitol

    State troopers arrested 24-year old Fausto Cardenas on Thursday for allegedly firing several shots on the south steps of the Texas Capitol Thursday, the […] Full Story

  • Cultivating Creativity

    Our environment has always shaped our artistic undertakings. In Africa, elaborate wooden masks and sculptures come from the west, where rainforests dominate. On East […] Full Story

  • The Art of Destruction

    When we think of art, we think of museums, places where we preserve human creations for later generations. Not all art, though, is meant […] Full Story