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Don’t Overreact to UT Shooting

by Chris Tomlinson | Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 18:55 CST
Mentally unstable person with assault rifle does not call for militarizing campus

Texas Tea: Eight Republicans Join the TP Caucus

Texas's Congressional Delegation Falls Behind Michelle Bachman

Minnesota Republican Michelle Bachman stood on the Congressional steps on Wednesday and announced the formation of the Tea Party Caucus, and guess which state contributed the most members? Well, Texas of course. Standing behind Bachman at the press conference were … Read More


Dancing On The Page

How do you record choreography for the ages?

Almost every culture dances. In Texas, we two-step. In Austria, they waltz. The Congolese do the Soukous. And the tango is required learning in Argentina. The only culture without dance is fundamentalist Protestantism, which inexplicably ignores the biblical instruction that … Read More

Arts & Minds

Big Ideas at SXSW Interactive

Tech's Future, Privacy and Sharing

THE GEEKY SIDE OF SXSW began on Friday and we’re about halfway through. The big ideas being discussed this year include the future of journalism, books and magazine as well as online privacy and sharing. As you would expect, all … Read More


Voting is Underway!

How Big Will Be the Blowouts?

Voting us underway in the party primaries across the state, and the big question will be by what margin Gov. Rick Perry beats his challengers. Will King Rick face a run-off? And if he does, will Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison … Read More


Shots Fired, No One Injured at Capitol


State troopers arrested 24-year old Fausto Cardenas on Thursday for allegedly firing several shots on the south steps of the Texas Capitol Thursday, the Travis County sheriff’s department said. No one was injured in the lunch hour shooting. Cardenas is … Read More

Op Ed

An Afghan Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving Day 2001, my job was to take the turkeys out of the fire. I’d been out reporting most of the day, so when I returned to Jalalabad my contribution to dinner was to monitor four scrawny Afghan turkeys … Read More


Cultivating Creativity


Our environment has always shaped our artistic undertakings. In Africa, elaborate wooden masks and sculptures come from the west, where rainforests dominate. On East Africa’s savanna, wood is a precious commodity, so the arts focus on jewelry, clothing and body … Read More


The Art of Destruction


When we think of art, we think of museums, places where we preserve human creations for later generations. Not all art, though, is meant to last forever. Some artworks are designed for destruction, and a couple of Texas artists are … Read More


The Wind Delivers


Do you know why the trees bendAt the West Texas border?Do you know why they bendSway and twine?The trees bend because of the windAcross that lonesome borderThe trees bend because of the windAlmost all of the time.—Joe Ely, “Because of … Read More