Anthony Zurcher

By Anthony Zurcher:


There’s a Prospect on the Right

by Anthony Zurcher | Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 19:40 CST
Ted Cruz might become the next Ronald Reagan—if he can just win an election first.

Austin MUD v. Voting Rights Act

Will conservative activists in a small Texas utility district take down a key piece of American civil rights law?

In U.S. civil rights law, small, out-of-the-way places often have been thrust into the national spotlight and, with the bang of a chief justice’s gavel, become the stuff of legal legend. Virtually overnight, for instance, a board of education in … Read More


Last Train to Texas

The Bushies are back in town.

Nearly eight years ago, President-elect George W. Bush led an exodus of Texans to help fill out the ranks of his administration in Washington. There was Bush’s so-called “iron triangle” of advisers: Karen Hughes, Karl Rove, and Joe Allbaugh, known … Read More


License to Vote

The U.S. Supreme Court gives new life to the Texas GOP’s effort to pass a voter identification bill.

For sheer drama, the battle over a bill requiring Texas voters to show photo identification before casting a ballot at the polls had no equal in last year’s legislative session. Shouting matches. Angry walkouts. A gravely ill Democratic senator roused … Read More


Sticking Point

International treaty obligations are keeping Josè Medellin off the death house gurney

In all likelihood, the state of Texas will eventually kill José Ernesto Medellin. Even the best possible outcome of his recent U.S. Supreme Court case will leave the convicted murderer’s fate in the hands of the Texas Criminal Court of … Read More


Hitting the Bottlers

A baffling Texas Supreme Court ruling could make juries irrelevant

The soft drink business in East Texas was a relatively friendly affair when Jerry Dudley started out 40 years ago. Family-owned companies bottled colas and fruit drinks, and sold them to local grocers or mom-and-pop convenience stores. There was competition, … Read More


Relief Denied?

Two new Supreme Court justices control the fate of Texas' condemned

At least three lives, and possibly another 44, hung in the balance when Texas Solicitor General R. Ted Cruz stood before the U.S. Supreme Court in mid-January. As much as the state would like to execute Jalil Abdul-Kabir, Brent Brewer, … Read More


Helping Yankees Understand Molly

Molly Ivins is gone, and her words will never grace these pages again—for this, we will mourn. But Molly wasn’t the type of woman who would want us to grieve. More likely, she’d say something like, “Hang in there, keep … Read More