Anthony Zurcher

  • There’s a Prospect on the Right

    It’s the first full day of last October’s values voters summit in Washington, D.C., and Ted Cruz is electrifying his audience. Dressed in a […] Full Story

  • Austin MUD v. Voting Rights Act

    In U.S. civil rights law, small, out-of-the-way places often have been thrust into the national spotlight and, with the bang of a chief justice’s […] Full Story

  • Last Train to Texas

    Nearly eight years ago, President-elect George W. Bush led an exodus of Texans to help fill out the ranks of his administration in Washington. […] Full Story

  • License to Vote

    For sheer drama, the battle over a bill requiring Texas voters to show photo identification before casting a ballot at the polls had no […] Full Story

  • Sticking Point

    In all likelihood, the state of Texas will eventually kill José Ernesto Medellin. Even the best possible outcome of his recent U.S. Supreme Court […] Full Story