Ann Elise Taylor

By Ann Elise Taylor:

Stimulus Watch

Second Stimulus? No Chance!

Two years ago, Michael Williams, 47, worked in retail management. He had been with the same company, which he prefers not to name, for 22 years. His performance evaluations were excellent, and his employer gave him rave reviews, he says. … Read More

Arts & Minds

Inception Theatre Comes to San Antonio

Chelsea Fry, 28, realized after years in the business that there was something missing in the San Antonio theatre scene. As an actor and director, she had been involved in shows by Neil Simon and Shakespeare, but she felt there … Read More

Arts & Minds

Preserving Big Bend on Film

Spending summer in the midst of Texas urban sprawl can be a drag, to say the least. Faced with the sweltering combination that endless concrete and the unrelenting sun create, the number of outdoor activities that a person can participate … Read More