LBJ Library’s Civil Rights Summit: Worthy Remembrances, Missed Opportunities

The LBJ Library’s efforts to burnish Johnson’s legacy is a worthy one—but not a great deal was said about today’s civil rights struggles at the Civil Rights Summit in Austin this week.

Observer Radio Episode 53: Civil Rights 50 Years Later

Chris Hooks gets us up to speed on the Civil Right Summit held at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, TX this week.

A Q&A With Todd Miller, Author of Border Patrol Nation

Miller talks about the growing global border security industry and the changing role of the U.S. Border Patrol

Lost and Found in San Leon

The Where the Hell is San Leon Festival isn’t just a huge party; it culminates with the election of the coming year’s honorary mayor.

State Board Finds a New Path to Mexican-American Studies in Texas Schools

In a preliminary vote, the Texas State Board of Education voted Wednesday to ask for textbooks on Mexican-American Studies and other ethnic studies courses.

From the Archives: LBJ, Civil Rights and the Long March Forward

In conjunction with the Civil Rights Summit at the LBJ School, the Texas Observer is republishing four articles on civil rights from 1964.

Tyrant’s Foe: Keeping Beaches Open to All

For fighting to keep the coast open to the public, Ellis Pickett is a tyrant’s foe.

Mexican-American History Supporters Urge State Board to Approve New Course

The Texas State Board of Education heard testimony Tuesday on a proposed high school elective in Mexican-American history.

East Texas TV Station Airs Bizarre Global Warming Rant… Oh, and It’s Plagiarized

The NBC affiliate in Tyler, KETK, ran a preposterously misleading global warming rant… Plagiarized from a British newspaper.

At a Legislative Hearing, Open Carry Advocates Pine for the ‘Old West’

For a year, supporters of gun-owners’ right to Open Carry have been mobilizing. Now, the Texas Legislature may be preparing to act on their demands.