Texas Dems Launch Major Effort to Protect Voting Rights

Today, Texas Democrats launched a major coordinated effort they hope will safeguard voting rights—and help their margin in November.

Former Observer Managing Editor Chris Tomlinson Introduces Tomlinson Hill

Tomlinson Hill: The Remarkable Story of Two Families Who Share the Tomlinson Name—One White, One Black (St. Martin’s Press) has been getting warm notices from Texas Monthly to NPR.

State of Texas: How Much Water Does Texas Really Need?

A report suggests that state water planners have drastically overestimated how much water Texas will need by 2060.

Review: Houston Memoirist Lacy M. Johnson’s The Other Side Finds Redemption in the Dark

How does one tell an unspeakable story? This question hovers like fog over Lacy M. Johnson’s The Other Side, a memoir about the author’s imprisonment and rape, in 2000, at the hands of a man she had once dated.

Rick Perry Sends Troops to the Border. Now What?

Rick Perry announced a new National Guard operation along the border today that seems mostly intended to give him cover with his base.

Tyrant’s Foe: Mary Ann Barclay is Out in Front of the Methodist Church

Last April, Mary Ann Barclay met with the United Methodist Church’s Austin district leadership after years of preparing to become an ordained minister. She’d […]

Officials: Undocumented Children Won’t Break Texas Schools

Despite the freak-out over undocumented Central American children stealing desks from Texas kids, schools say they’re prepared for next school year.

Fear Dominates at Immigration Protests in Austin, Houston

Protests at Mexican Consulates across Texas marked anger at the border influx—but it’s the unresolvable tension behind them that poses a greater danger.

WTF Friday: Playing Cowboys and Illegal Aliens

Rick Perry, Steve Toth and the tea party want to know, What part of Ill-Eagle didn’t these Central American kids understand?

Observer Radio Episode 67: Getting the Facts Straight on Immigrant Kids

Rachel Pearson joins us to talk about whether immigrant kids from Central America pose a disease threat to Texas. Spoiler: They don’t.