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More Prisoners, More Problems: Mass Incarceration Climbs Again

The biggest, best, and newest studies agree that the U.S. needs to incarcerate fewer people. So why are the numbers climbing? Texas is one reason.

Crossing the Line

When the Keystone XL pipeline came through Lori Collins’ farm, she welcomed it—until her house flooded with sewage.

Wittliff Collections at Texas State University Opens Charles Bowden Archive

To mark Bowden’s passing, the Wittliff Collections at Texas State University has opened an archive of Bowden’s papers and published work for research. The collection stretches to 50 linear feet of boxes stuffed with correspondence, research materials, photographs and manuscripts that span Bowden’s career up to 2007.

How Do Technical College Grads Fare in the Job Market? It’s Complicated.

Texas’ public technical colleges often promote their high job placement rates, but the real measure of their programs’ success is more complex.

Hellion’s Aaron Paul and the Art of Collapse

Hellion is a story about the unspoken consequences that come from growing up in a world where adults have no more answers than the kids do.

Idaho-Based Athlos Charter Schools Grow in Texas, Despite State’s Denial

Idaho’s Athlos Academies marries real estate deals, upscale gyms and schools in a novel business plan funded by Texas taxpayers.

WTF Friday: Mind Playing Tricks On Me

This week in WTF: L’Empereur Richard Perry of Paint Creek, Vladimir Putin up in everybody’s stuff now, Todd Staples is hungry for vegetarians. Dewhurst.

Observer Radio Episode 75: Texas Football’s Journey Out of Segregation

Writer Jessica Luther examines the history of racial segregation in Texas football and the city of Austin.

Tony Tinderholt Unloads: ‘People are Going to Die’ at Border

One possible state Rep. has a plan to stop the “infiltration of our country” by “theiving” migrants who want only “free stuff:” Shoulder your rifles.

The Militia Next Door

At Camp Lonestar, a citizen militia campsite outside Brownsville, a group of armed volunteers seeks to ‘push back the illegals.’