Observer Radio Episode 71: Cashing In on Higher Education

John Savage dives into the for-profit college industry and discovers a business model that soaks up federal student aid to the detriment of taxpayers and the students it’s meant to serve.

‘Hunting Humans’ Brings the Fringe to the Center

A Newsweek story describes ranchers who are “hunting humans” as simply “dealing first-hand with the problems caused by the influx of undocumented immigrants.”

San Antonio Reimagines the Alamo

The task of “fixing” the Alamo and its plaza is a challenging one, made more complex by the passions the site inspires.

Report: Frackers Illegally Injected Diesel Into Wells

According to a new report based on industry data, oil and gas companies have injected thousands of gallons of diesel underground without permits.

Greg Abbott’s Hazmat Hide-and-Seek

The problem with suggesting that folks “drive around” poking their noses into the dealings of chemical companies and fertilizer manufacturers is that, well, folks are probably going to do it.

At Photo-Op with Soldiers, Rick Perry Offers Few Details on Border Deployment

At a press conference near Bastrop today, Rick Perry shed little light on border troop deployment but did provide striking visuals for his presidential bid.

Jane Nelson Takes the Gavel

Sen. Jane Nelson was once a sodomy-fighting back-bencher in the Texas Senate. Today, she presides over the powerful Senate Finance Committee. How will she use her power?

‘This is Our Home’

The second in our four-part Beyond the Border series, produced in collaboration with The Guardian, examining migrant deaths in South Texas. With migrants streaming through South Texas, landowners are caught between protecting their property and saving lives.

Tyrant’s Foe: Kelsey Erin Shipman’s Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration With Poetry

If somebody told you that the key to stopping thousands of Texas inmates from reentering prison was teaching them how to write poetry, you […]

A (Premature) Obituary for Deion Sanders’ Charter School

A lengthy New York Times piece on Deion Sanders’ Prime Prep charter school in Dallas features troubling new allegations—but it may not be time to write the school’s obituary yet.