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Observer Radio: The Change Makers of Reproductive Rights

Observer Radio speaks with healthcare and reproductive rights activists Lenzi Sheible and Peggy Romberg. Also, an apartment community struggles with news that their neighbor was the Austin Thanksgiving shooter.

The Change Makers

For our 60th anniversary, photographer Matt Wright-Steel created portraits of some of the artists and activists who are changing Texas for the better.

Five Texas-Sized Examples of Anti-Gay Bigotry in 2014

It isn’t hard to understand why the rest of the country has gotten the impression that Texas is an absolute living gay hell.

The Next 60: Cutting Carbon and Reinventing the Economy

Texas is uniquely vulnerable to a changing climate but also poised to take advantage of a carbon-free economy that includes wind and solar power.

My Dogsitter, the ATX Shooter

For the past three weeks, my neighbors and I have wrestled with the fact that the man we knew, Steve McQuilliams, scarcely resembled the figure who shot up downtown Austin.

The Next 60: Living at the Edge of Change

Less obvious was the border as a place, home to millions of people charting a future within the paradox that is the border—desperately poor but highly lucrative; largely ignored while occupying a mythical place in the popular imagination.

Legislators Seek to Overturn Anti-Gay Birth Certificate Law

On Wednesday, state Rep. Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) introduced a bill for the fourth consecutive session that would remove gender requirements for adoptive parents on supplemental birth certificates.

Report: Texas Payday Lenders and Prosecutors Team Up to Criminally Pursue Borrowers

New research released this morning by Texas Appleseed shows that criminal charges against payday borrowers for missing payments is common in Texas, despite a ban on the practice.

Texas Kids Living With Relatives Aren’t Getting State Support They’re Due

According to a new report, a quarter-million Texas children are living with family members other than their parents, but aren’t getting the state and federal benefits they’re due.

Public Health Reporting Position

The Texas Observer is seeking a talented public health reporter with a special focus on women’s health and reproductive rights to join our rapidly […]