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Graywater has the potential to be a significant water conservation method in Texas but cities have done very little to encourage its use.

Richard Parker’s Lone Star Nation Explains Texas to Non-Texans

Are you under the impression that Texas is going to just sit idly by and leave America unmolested by its transformative mojo? Richard Parker is prepared to tell you a thing or two.

Ben Sargent’s Loon Star State: Non-Voters, Non-Government

Bill King Seeks the Political Center in Houston

Bill King’s new book, Unapologetically Moderate: My Search for a Rational Center in American Politics, hammers home a few central themes: Our nation is fundamentally centrist; our politics don’t reflect that truth; and, as a result, policy suffers and voters become annoyed.

How Do You Memorialize a Mob?

Gainesville, Texas, is a patriotic small town. It’s also the site of the nation’s largest act of mob violence. One hundred and fifty-two years later, the town finally has a memorial to the 42 men who died in the Great Hanging.

Alpine Synthetic Drug Case Ends in Plea Deal for Purple Zone Owner

Since the Observer featured the strange tale of a synthetic drug crackdown in Alpine, the cases have ended in plea deals, and Reason magazine has detailed new allegations.

Observer Radio Episode 84: Post-Election Wrap-Up

A panel of Texas political experts, including Rep. Donna Howard and Rep. Jason Villalba, discuss the 2014 election and the Texas Legislature.

Race to the Bottom

How Beaumont’s racial divisions created the most dysfunctional school district in Texas.

The More Things Change…

On most mornings for the past 12 years, I’ve come to work at The Texas Observer’s dusty little office in downtown Austin, walking through our creaky front door on thousands of day. This morning I did it for the last time as an employee of this wonderful magazine.

Direct Quote: Helping the Blind Experience the Arts

“I’ve done audio description in a theater where people would come up to me and say, ‘What does it matter? They’re blind!’”