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Lawman’s Burden

A sheriff’s department with dwindling resources struggles to cope with the humanitarian crisis. Part four of Beyond the Border, a four-part series with The Texas Observer and the Guardian.

Dewhurst: ‘Someone’s Going to Get Hurt’ in Border Surge

In an interview with a tea party radio show, David Dewhurst described the surge of DPS and National Guard to the border with menacing bravado.

Ben Sargent’s Loon Star State: The GOP’s Hispanic Outreach Committee

The Texas GOP nails Hispanic outreach in this political cartoon from Ben Sargent.

Eye On Texas: Spike Johnson Photographs Houston’s Homeless Veterans

Photographer Spike Johnson chronicles the lives of Houston’s homeless veterans in his series, “Friends in Low Places.”

Rick Perry’s Post-Indictment Honeymoon Won’t Last

Rick Perry had a great first week after receiving twin felony indictments. But there’s a lot of reason to think things are about to get worse for him.

A Desire Named Streetcar

How did one of Julian Castro’s signature projects—”Modern Streetcar”—become a political train wreck for San Antonio Democrats?

WTF Friday: It’s Perrydämmerung

This week in WTF Friday: Perry’s R&B record comes together, with a little help from the Islamic State. The public’s crisis of faith. Toth Toths. College.

Observer Radio Episode 72: The Political Implications of Rick Perry’s Indictment

Could Rick Perry somehow use his indictments as a springboard into the White House?

Locked, Loaded, and Ready for School

The sorry state of Texas ed funding has left school districts scrambling for the bare necessities. Take Childress ISD, which just spent $150,000 on guns.

Richard Linklater Reels in the Years in Boyhood

Boyhood may not be a great film, but there’s no denying that watching it is an experience unlike any other.