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Rick Perry Indicted on Two Counts

Rick Perry’s the longest-serving governor in Texas history, and he’s had free rein to control the state for a long, long time. It’s wholly remarkable to think that his tenure as governor could be consumed by this cloud.

WTF Friday: Let’s Be Cops!

This week’s escalation of firepower and political bluster in Texas, from the personal to the state level.

In House Bill 2 Trial, Pro-Lifers Can’t Lose

The legal challenges to Texas’ abortion restrictions will amble on for some time: But even if the pro-life coalition loses, it wins.

Observer Radio Episode 71: Cashing In on Higher Education

John Savage dives into the for-profit college industry and discovers a business model that soaks up federal student aid to the detriment of taxpayers and the students it’s meant to serve.

‘Hunting Humans’ Brings the Fringe to the Center

A Newsweek story describes ranchers who are “hunting humans” as simply “dealing first-hand with the problems caused by the influx of undocumented immigrants.”

San Antonio Reimagines the Alamo

The task of “fixing” the Alamo and its plaza is a challenging one, made more complex by the passions the site inspires.