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WTF Friday: The End of the World as We Know It

This week in WTF Friday: Middle East Peace Negotiator Rick Perry. Scott Turner saves the world. Ted Cruz haunts John Boehner’s dreams.

The Big Money Behind Greg Abbott’s Intervention in Killer Doc Case

It is a little hard to believe that the prospect of tort reform fraying around the edges motivates Greg Abbott less than $350,000 in campaign money.

Foster Care Contractor Pulls Out, Leaving ‘Redesign’ In Doubt

Can Texas fix its troubled foster care system without spending more money? The early withdrawal of a major private contractor raises doubts.

Observer Radio Episode 69: How an Alpine Smoke Shop Became a National Civil Liberties Cause

Patrick Michels tells the tale of a controversial Alpine smoke shop swept up by the federal government’s zeal to snuff out synthetic drugs.

Lawman, Lawbreaker: Ken Paxton and the Problem with One-Party Rule

Come next year, Texas might have an attorney general who faces disbarment and felony indictment. What does the state get without a healthy two-party system? Ken Paxton.