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In a Do-Nothing Congress, Blake Farenthold is Enjoying the View

Blake Farenthold, the tea party congressman from Corpus Christi, has settled into a routine where distraction is just part of the job.

Cold in July is a Monstrous Mash-Up of Film’s Darkest Genres

Cold in July may not be high art, but it triumphs because of the delight it takes in its own mad energy.

Sunset Commission Issues Brutal Report on Dept. of State Health Services

The Sunset Advisory Commission will meet next week to hear testimony on its devastating assessment of the Department of State Health Services.

The Texas GOP’s Sara Legvold Problem

How to explain what happened with the state GOP’s platform last Saturday, and recent trends in the party? Ask Sara Legvold.

Students from Troubled Beaumont ISD Campaign to Save Teachers’ Jobs

Students from troubled Beaumont ISD have been in Austin this week, pleading to save art and music teacher jobs slated for elimination to make up the district’s $25 million shortfall.

Direct Quote: Sam Allen Keeps the Buffalo Soldier Legacy Alive

Living-history educator Sam Allen shares stories of the black soldiers who fought in America’s Civil War and Indian wars.

Fiction Review: Cristina Henríquez’s The Book of Unknown Americans Complicates the ‘Single Story’ of Latinos in the U.S.

In Texas, at least, Mexican immigration has largely defined the Latino narrative, but Cristina Henríquez’s big-hearted second novel challenges this “single story” by exploring a wide range of Latino experiences.

Tyrant’s Foe: Eddie Canales Is Saving the Lives of Undocumented Immigrants

For saving the lives of undocumented immigrants crossing the border, Eddie Canales is a tyrant’s foe.

Observer Radio Episode 62: Discussing the Texas GOP’s Support for Reparative Therapy

In this episode of Observer Radio, we discuss the GOP’s inclusion of reparative therapy in the party’s 2014 platform.

WTF Friday: Humor and Other Socialist Devices

In this week’s WTF Friday, Rand Paul jokes about free trade with Mexico, children bring diseases over the border, and Louie Gohmert’s Christian purity test.