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WTF Friday: The. Texas. Republican. Party. Platform.

For connoisseurs of WTF—I’m looking at you trolls—there is but one ur-text, the guiding document by which all others emanate from, and are compared to. And though it is based on immutable laws of nature and God, it is nevertheless a living document too, revised every couple years by a gathering of wise men and women, who puzzle and debate over the text with the passion and intensity of a gathering of Talmudic scholars. I am of course referring to the Texas Republican Party platform.

State GOP’s Leading Lights Line Up Against Gay Rights

The state GOP might be trying to be more inclusive in some ways, but that stops with the gays.

Observer Radio Episode 61: Women Veterans Battle PTSD

Observer contributor Alex Hannaford and photographer Erin Trieb join us to talk about the challenges women veterans face dealing with trauma when they come home.

Wendy Davis Takes Pride in LGBT Support

In the first interview of her campaign dedicated to LGBT issues, Wendy Davis underscores her commitment to fight for marriage equality as governor.