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WTF Friday: Freaking Magnets, How Do They Work?

Our weekly roundup of the choicest moments in Texas public discourse. This week’s theme: the elusive “core concept.”

Observer Radio Episode 64: The Filibuster Anniversary

One year after the unruly mob filled the State Capitol and—at least temporarily—shouted down a bill imposing new limits on abortion, what’s become of the movement today? And we consider Texas officials’ proposals to confront a growing humanitarian crisis on the border.

At State Convention, Democrats Seek a Revival

Texas Democrats enjoy a mostly controversy-free convention in Dallas.

Rick Perry and Wendy Davis’ Bad Ideas for Solving the Refugee Crisis

Beneath the compassion expressed by Texas’ top elected leaders for the Central American kids pouring over the border lurk some untenable and inhumane proposals.

Michael Quinn Sullivan Goes Mute

At Michael Quinn Sullivan’s formal hearing before the Texas Ethics Commission, the man that seemingly never stops talking refused to talk.

Review: James K. Galbraith Separates Fact from Fairy Tale in Bill White’s America’s Fiscal Constitution

Former Houston Mayor Bill White’s book is the history of an idea. It is an idea with deep roots and continuity, one that continues to drive our budget discourse, and one that informs how most Americans think about deficits and debt. The idea is “fiscal responsibility.”

Next Frontier in Common Core Fight: Cut Budgets, Jail Teachers?

An an anti-Common Core strategy session in Austin, the faithful are ready to take it to the next level.

It’s Story Time! — Texas Observer Short Story Contest Open for Entries

Elizabeth McCracken will judge the 2014 Texas Observer short story contest.

Observer Radio Episode 63: Getting to Know Sara Legvold

Meet GOP Executive Committee member Sara Legvold, who remains prominent in the Republican Party despite being friendly with white supremacists.

WTF Friday: I Left My Gay, Alcoholic Heart in San Francisco

This week on WTF Friday: A bender in San Francisco. Border fever. Jonathan Stickland. Rick Perry dons a yarmulke, comes out of the closet.