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Review: Choice and Chance in Elizabeth Crook’s Monday, Monday

How much of our lives are choice, and how much chance? With Monday, Monday, Elizabeth Crook taps into the truth that the answer is some of both.

WTF Friday: Weird Science

Steve Stockman does Ukraine. Texas Nationalist’s field of dreams. The future of Galveston. Amnesty tickets. An old-fashioned Homeschool-off.

Observer Radio Episode 59: Dewhurst Struggles Desperately As the Runoff Nears

In this episode of Observer Radio, editor Dave Mann stops by to discuss the escalating nastiness of the lieutenant governor race.

In House District 58 Runoff, the Laying On of Hands

Things are getting heated in House District 58, where Philip Eby’s supporters are learning a little something from his warrior spirit.

Direct Quote: Brett Parker Dives Into Dangerous Water for Golf Balls

Brett Parker is a 53-year-old golf ball diver based in Dallas.

Will Mexico’s Plan to Save Tamaulipas Create More Violence?

Mexico’s president announces a new security plan to quell the violence in Tamaulipas. Will it work or will it cause more violence?

Tyrant’s Foe: DeJuana Lozada is Helping Minority Students Succeed

DeJuana Lozada was once homeless at age 11. Today, she is advocating for better education for students of color.

Texas Payday Lenders Charging Even More in Fees

A new report finds that Texas payday lenders are making fewer loans but raking in even more in fees, about $1.4 billion in 2013.

David Dewhurst and the Curious Case of the Mental Health Records

With early voting begun, David Dewhurst wants to capitalize on Dan Patrick’s mental health troubles while keeping his distance. That’ll be tricky.

Seeing Stars in Dripping Springs

The stars are still big and bright in Dripping Springs thanks to an aggressive effort to combat light pollution. Will the rest of Texas follows this Hill Country town’s lead?