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Historic Meeting Gives Hope to Mexican Exiles Living in the U.S.

El Paso immigration attorney Carlos Spector represents more than 100 families who have fled violence in Mexico. Many were forced to flee while investigating […]

Observer Radio Episode 60: Texas Lurches Even Further to the Right Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Robert Zaretsky: Putting Houston’s Anti-Discrimination Ordinance in Perspective

After the passage of a new anti-discrimination ordinance, Robert Zaretsky finds signs of anxiety and tolerance in Houston’s freeway landscape.

Rick Perry Fails to Get Many Governors to Defy Prison Rape Law

Just four other governors answered Rick Perry’s call to defy a federal law designed to reduce prison rape.

Meet Bob Hall, the Tea Party True Believer Headed to the Senate

On Tuesday night, a political unknown named Bob Hall upset three-term state Sen. Bob Deuell, a conservative Republican from Greenville, in a GOP runoff. It was one of the least-followed, but most triumphant, victories for the tea party grassroots. But who is Bob Hall and what does he believe?