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Members of Panama Unit Sentenced; Former Hidalgo County Sheriff Awaits His Day in Court

One by one, members of the disbanded Panama Unit, a street level drug trafficking task force, stood before U.S. District Judge Randy Crane in a McAllen courtroom this week to receive their sentences.

When Ann Richards Ruled: HBO’s All About Ann

For those not old enough to remember the great Ann Richards, even the possibility of her seems mythic—a bedtime story liberal parents tell their kids to give them some small shred of optimism in a seemingly hopeless world.

Why Wendy Davis Should be Talking About the Issues

For the last couple of months, the Davis campaign has put their emphasis on issues that don’t seem set to resonate with voters. What could they do instead?

The Conservative Case Against Locking Up Minors

Texas Public Policy Foundation estimates that thousands of minors are still hauled off to jails because of a legal loophole: violating a valid court order.

Filmmakers Linklater and Benning Meditate on Memory in Double Play

Linklater and Benning have always concerned themselves more with philosophy and the creation of new languages than with the existing conventions of storytelling.

WTF Friday: Cliven Bundy Aftermath

This week in WTF: A man and his cattle cannot be torn asunder. Noblesse Oblige and the Texas Nationalist Movement. Don’t f*ck with Charlie Parker’s wife.

Observer Radio Episode 55: Prosecutor’s Dilemma

Maurice Chammah examines a declining trend in executions while profiling a small-town district attorney who must decide whether to seek the death penalty.

Efrain Gutierrez at the 2014 Cine Las Americas Film Festival

In the seventies, filmmaker Efrain Gutierrez recorded the pain, the struggle and the injustice of life in his west San Antonio barrio on a 16mm camera.

Indian Asylum Seekers Still Detained After Hunger Strike

The hunger strike has ended at the El Paso Processing Center but at least 37 men from northern India say they are still being wrongfully detained after requesting political asylum in the United States nearly a year ago.

The Future of ‘Corporate Welfare’ in Texas after Rick Perry

Legislators are considering what to do with Rick Perry’s big corporate subsidy funds that have been plagued by charges of cronyism and inefficiency.