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This Week in Upside-Down World: Payday Lenders Upset about ‘Special Interests’

Not content to employ an army of former lawmakers and staffers, payday lenders are upset that
“special interests” are saying mean things about them.

New Wendy Davis Attack Group Run By Political Cronies

Cari Christman, the director of RedState Women, a PAC trying to counter Dems’ advantage with women, had a strange interview Sunday. Stranger still: who’s running her group.

Q&A with Michener Center Director and Author James Magnuson

Texas Observer contributor Anis Shivani, who writes fiction, poetry and criticism from his home in Houston, reviews James Magnuson’s novel Famous Writers I Have […]

Bursting the MFA Bubble with James Magnuson’s Famous Writers I Have Known

James Magnuson’s “Famous Writers I Have Known” mounts a thoughtful critique of the institutionalization of art in our age of economic uncertainty.