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Uninsured Texans Fight to Have Their Voices Heard

About a million Texans have been left without health insurance because state leaders refused to expand Medicaid under Obamacare. Now organizers of a new campaign, “Texas Left Me Out,” want to make sure the stories of those one million uninsured Texans get heard.

Observer Radio Episode 44: One Man’s Survivalist Tale From the Texas Pines

Patrick Michels tells the tale of Jeffrey Holliman who survived for a year in the woods near Nacadogches County by ransacking his neighbors.

Pennebaker: Wendy Davis Needs to Take Back Her Story

Wendy Davis still has a powerful, inspiring life story—and I’d love to see her reclaim it loud and clear, without apology. She needs to wrench it back, in fact, and let the other side know it can’t tell her story for her… so get the hell out of her way.

WTF Friday: Steve Stockman and Other Serious Candidates

You know Senate candidate Steve Stockman. But have you met his tea party rival Reid Reasor, who’s running to prevent armed revolution in the streets?