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Speaker Joe Straus Opens the Door to ‘High-Level’ Radioactive Waste in Texas

Even as a low-level radioactive waste dump grows in West Texas, lawmakers are pondering the possibility of making Texas the home to at least some of the nation’s immense stockpile of “high-level” radioactive waste.

WTF Friday: ‘Freedom’ Is Just Another Name for Automatic Weapons

In this week’s WTF Friday we fire automatic weapons with Glenn Hegar, explore creationism with Dan Patrick and learn the one place Jerry Patterson thinks guns should be banned.

Observer Radio Episode 43: The Privatization of Mexico’s Oil

Shannon Young joins us from Mexico with a story about how Mexico is opening up PEMEX to private and foreign interests for the first time since 1938.

Wendy Davis’ Media Fail

The Wendy Davis campaign’s mismanagement of the press is damaging her candidacy.

How Texans Get Nickel and Dimed for the Sake of Big Business

Three examples of how Texans are paying more because of government’s catering to big business.