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Tyrant’s Foe: Carol Biedrzycki Fights for Electricity Ratepayers

For fighting for affordable electricity rates for low-income Texans, Carol Biedrzycki of Texas ROSE is a tyrant’s foe.

At First Guv Debate Since 2006, Not Much Debating

Tonight, Greg Abbott was interviewed by a team of reporters in McAllen. The interesting thing about this interview, which sets it apart from others, […]

WTF Friday: Texas Secede!

This week, the world watched as a proud people with funny accents, lots of oil and a long history of oppression at the hands of a distant, semi-foreign government flirted with secession.

Observer Radio Episode 76: The Battle Over Social Studies Textbooks

The Houston Chronicle’s Lauren McGaughy stops by to talk about a fight brewing over the adoption of new social studies textbooks in Texas schools.

Texas Woman Denied Driver’s License Over Same-Sex Marriage

A woman who recently relocated from California says the Texas Department of Public Safety refused to issue her an accurate driver’s license because her last name was changed through a same-sex marriage.

Todd Staples Exits the Stage

Todd Staples spent his whole tenure as agriculture commissioner gunning for his next race. Then he lost it. Now he’s resigning. Where does that leave Texas?

Meet Sameena Karmally, the Democrat Taking on Jodie Laubenberg

To build the party, Texas Dems need great candidates to run in elections where defeat seems virtually guaranteed. Sameena Karmally is doing her bit.

“Possibilities” by Yliana Gonzalez, a Texas Observer Short Story Contest Finalist

Yliana Gonzalez’s “Possibilities” imagines two conceivable outcomes of an illegal Reynosa-to-Hidalgo border crossing.

The P.E.A. Party Strikes Back Against the Driver Responsibility Program

Millions of Texans have been hurt by by the cruelly petty Driver Responsibility Program and its crippling surcharges.

Bipartisan Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform Debuts

Next session seems set to be pretty contentious, but a new bipartisan coalition is raising hopes for comity on an important issue—criminal justice reform.