Studies: Links Between Fracking and Smog Pollution Stronger Than State Claims

New research suggests that pollution from fracking contributes a much larger share of Dallas-Fort Worth’s smog problem than state officials have said.

Advocates, State Officials Fight Over Foster Care System Overhaul

Depending on whom you ask, Texas is either rushing to implement potentially disastrous changes to its foster care system or taking bold action to fix serious problems.

El Paso Abortion Clinic Remains Shut After Judge Withholds Relief

Judge Lee Yeakel said the legal fight over Texas’ new anti-abortion law would be resolved at the Supreme Court.

In Castro/Patrick Debate, Both Get What They Came For

Last night’s debate between Julian Castro and Dan Patrick provided a lot of fireworks, but left Texas’ immigration debate mostly status quo ante.

The Future of the Castro Brothers

Everyone figures Julián and Joaquin Castro are going places. A recent story in the New York Times suggests Julian is angling for a vice-presidential spot and Joaquin is considering a statewide run in Texas.

Mass Deportation’s Hidden Costs

No one wins when we’re paying millions of dollars to tear families apart.

New PPP Poll Highlights Areas of Concern for Texas Democrats

Amid a paucity of polls in Texas, a survey from Public Policy polling brings bad news for the state’s Democrats (and good news for Gov. Perry.)

In El Paso Days, Author Elroy Bode Finds Meaning in the Minutiae

El Paso Days is a collection of musings about life’s endless wonder and its occasional silliness.

Former Sheriff Lupe Treviño Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering

Former Hidalgo County Sheriff Guadalupe “Lupe” Treviño Pleads Guilty to MOney Laundering Charges

Wendy Davis and the Curious Case of the Pre-Kindergarten STAAR

Wendy Davis is hammering Greg Abbott on aspects of his pre-K proposal. Can she use it turn the conversation to education policy?