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Observer Radio Episode 86: Ebola Quarantines and Hippies Who Hunt

Observer Radio discusses Gov. Perry’s policy to quarantine healthcare workers. Also, the changing demographic of hunters.

State of Texas: Climate Change Could Force Native Birds to Fly the Coop

The National Audubon Society’s first-ever report on the future of climate change and birds finds Texas soon will become inhospitable to many species.

A New Conservative Watchdog’s Big Textbook War Debut

A new textbook watchdog, rooted in conservative grassroots activism, drove the debate over Texas’ new social studies books—and they’re just getting started.

Mohamed’s Fight

He’s a Texas Republican and an expert on fighting extremism who advises homeland security officials. Why do conservatives hate him?

The Changing Culture of Killing for Food

Author and chef Jesse Griffiths is taking locally sourced eating to the next level by making hunting accessible to a younger generation.

Observer Radio Episode 85: Battleground Texas, plus The Great Hanging

Observer Radio discusses the results of Battleground Texas’ first big test. Also, a look at the dark history of the nation’s deadliest act of mob violence.

Obama’s Immigration Reform: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

What’s to like, and loathe, in the new action on immigration reform from President Obama.

A Texas Dad Remembers His Daughter on the Transgender Day of Remembrance

Six months after his 17-year-old daughter’s suicide, Rick DeChiara remembers her on Transgender Day of Remembrance at a ceremony in Fort Worth.

What to Expect in Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

Longtime immigration attorney Dan Kowalski explains what to expect tomorrow when President Barack Obama unveils his executive action on immigration.


Graywater has the potential to be a significant water conservation method in Texas but cities have done very little to encourage its use.