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Strict Texas Law Makes Ebola Lawsuits Unlikely

Tort reform statutes and court rulings protect Texas hospitals from medical malpractice suits, even in situations like the Dallas Ebola cases.

Texas Book Festival 2014

This year’s Texas Book Festival, overtaking Austin’s Capitol grounds for the weekend of Oct. 25-26, will host more than 280 writers and their more […]

Houston Investors Hope the Legal Marijuana Industry Will Make Them High Rollers

Houston-based investors took to the Marijuana investment Conference hoping to see high returns from the legal Marijuana industry.

The Observer Review: Bret Anthony Johnston’s Remember Me Like This

Remember Me Like This is a stereotypical young literary author’s debut novel. It comes heavily hyped and praised, features beautiful prose and almost no plot, flirts with the trappings of a genre novel but dares not dirty its hands with the actual workings of one, and generally disappoints.

The Curious Case of the Ebola Troll

With all the Ebola fear-mongering in the media, how can we justify locking up a kid who used a computer to create a mirror that reflects our terrified faces back at us?

Independent Publishers Make their Presence Felt at the 2014 Texas Book Festival

When the estimated mob of 40,000 descends on the Texas statehouse this weekend for the Texas Book Festival, five of the state’s independent publishers hope at least a few members of the crowd will be there to hear their authors speak. After all, how often does an independent press in Texas get a chance to reach 40,000 potential readers?

Blood Aces Shows Texas Gangster Benny Binion Knew How to Hold ‘Em

As Doug J. Swanson’s exhaustively researched and artfully written account demonstrates beyond all doubt, they don’t make ’em like Benny Binion anymore.

Jury Begins Deliberations in Ed Graf Re-Trial

The jury has begun deliberating the fate of Ed Graf, a Waco man being re-tried on controversial arson charges. Graf has spent 25 years in prison.

Greg Abbott: Dildos? Against ’em. Interracial Marriage? No Comment.

Asked about interracial marriage, Greg Abbott couldn’t think of an answer. That’s odd, because he normally doesn’t shy from forceful arguments.

New Biography Compiles the Legends of The Flatlanders

The triumvirate of Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock is a singular musical entity. It’s also an acquired—if acclaimed—taste, and John T. Davis, one of the most well-seasoned of Texas-music scribes, doesn’t bother making too much of a case for the band’s undersung importance, neglected influence, or ill-acknowledged greatness.