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At Comptroller’s Debate, Mike Collier Makes a Pitch for Competency

At the comptroller’s debate with Glenn Hegar, Mike Collier gave a strong showing as one of the punchiest members of the Democrats’ good-government ticket.

State of Texas: Why Can’t Texas Democrats Win?

Why can’t Texas Democrats win statewide races? Even other deeply Republican in the South, including Mississippi and Alabama, have elected quite a few Democrats to state office in the last 20 years.

Where are the Voters? Texas Voter Turnout Barely Budges from 2010 Levels

Voter turnout in Texas is barely up over 2010 levels so far. That doesn’t bode well for Democrats but the Wendy Davis campaign says there’s reason for optimism.

Texas Sees Record Number of Openly LGBT Candidates in 2014

Texas has two out LGBT candidates running for Congress and six LGBT candidates for the Texas Legislature on the ballot, a record number.

Eye On Texas: Michael O’Brien Collects the Faces of Texas

Michael O’Brien’s photography in “The Face of Texas” celebrates the spirit and individuality of the state with a human mosaic.

Wendy Davis Hits Abbott at UT, Says Turnout Works in Her Favor

At the University of Texas at Austin today, Wendy Davis continued to attack Greg Abbott and said the state’s low turnout was helping her more than Abbott.

On the Fracking Ban-Wagon in Denton

On Nov. 4, Denton will decide whether to become the first city in Texas to ban fracking.

WTF Friday: What We’re Terrified of This Week (Commies, Ebola, Muslims, Cat GIFs)

I don’t know about you but I’m already terrified of the next crisis. I don’t know what it is but it’s probably going to be really, really scary—like, scarier than the current crisis. The point is: Be scared. Be afraid. See you at the polls.

Observer Radio Episode 81: Making Sense of Ed Graf’s Guilty Plea

Observer editor Dave Mann makes sense of the final twist in the re-trial of Ed Graf.

Out in New Braunfels

Aja Edwards, a gay City Council member in the tea party stronghold of New Braunfels, is building an LGBT community from the ground up.