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From the Archives: The Last Voyage of Mr. Kennedy

Observer founding editor Ronnie Dugger chronicles President Kennedy’s historic tour and tragic end in Texas.

Q & A with Rude Mechanicals Playwright Kirk Lynn

Austin theater darlings Rude Mechanicals are at it again with Fixing King John, a modern retelling of King John, one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known plays. […]

From the Archives: The President Is Sworn In

Former United States District Judge Sarah T. Hughes gives a firsthand account of swearing in Lyndon B. Johnson shortly after President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.

Border Residents Tell Congress They Need Better Schools and Jobs, Not More Drones and Guns

In April 2012, PBS aired footage of as many as 20 border agents beating an unarmed man, Anastasio Hernandez Rojas, to death. After viewing […]

Austin Novelist Tom Zigal Explores Katrina’s Chaos

Tim Zigal’s new novel exploring the damage caused by Hurrican Katrina reminds us that the order of our world is fragile and temporary.

How Chevron Plans to Spend $12 Million in Taxpayer Money

In June, Gov. Rick Perry announced that Chevron would be handed a $12 million grant to build a new office tower in Houston. Documents show that Chevron plans to use the money to pay for its employees’ relocation costs.

A Missing Man and Familiar Old Wounds in Jasper

There’s ample precedent in Jasper for violence against a black man out alone at night, but authorities are frustrated that so many have been quick to find racism and scandal in Alfred Wright’s mysterious disappearance.

Goodbye to the Horny Toad?

The Texas Legislature proclaimed Kenedy, Texas the Horned Lizard Capital of Texas. These days horny toads are scarce. What happened?

Is the Texas State Climatologist Doing His Job?

While Nielsen-Gammon is by all accounts a solid researcher and a prolific speaker, he rarely discusses climate change’s broader risks.

Two Big Gains for Gay Rights in Houston

Same-sex partners of city employees who were married in other states will now receive spousal benefits, and staff at that Harris County Jail will take a more nuanced approach to LGBTQI inmates.