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Observer Radio Episode 35: Texas’ Anti-Abortion Law, CSCOPE and an Invasion by Lizard People

Freelance writer Saul Elbein stops by discuss his story about America’s conspiracy theory culture. Then he accuses us of being lizard people. No, seriously.

WTF Friday: To Catch an Immigrant

In this week’s WTF Friday: David Dewhurst really, really hates Obama; the Young Conservatives of Texas hunt immigrants; and Wayne Christian resurfaces.

Noir Does Dallas

Today, November 22, 2013, marks the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas. The white Xs in Dealey Plaza that demarcated […]

From the Archives: The Last Voyage of Mr. Kennedy

Observer founding editor Ronnie Dugger chronicles President Kennedy’s historic tour and tragic end in Texas.

Q & A with Rude Mechanicals Playwright Kirk Lynn

Austin theater darlings Rude Mechanicals are at it again with Fixing King John, a modern retelling of King John, one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known plays. […]

From the Archives: The President Is Sworn In

Former United States District Judge Sarah T. Hughes gives a firsthand account of swearing in Lyndon B. Johnson shortly after President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.