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Drought in Wichita Falls ‘Nothing Short of a Natural Disaster’

Today, the city of Wichita Falls officially announced unprecedented State 4 drought restrictions, banning almost all outdoor watering, ratcheting up surcharges for overconsumption and prohibiting golf courses from watering with city water, among other rules.

The Rise of Young Adult Literature

The rise of young-adult literature draws thousands at teens to book festivals nationwide and has made celebrities out of writers.

After Shady Campaign, Houston Community College Foe Becomes Trustee

Besides being non-representative of his district politically and racially, Wilson also joins the ranks of conservative neophytes elected to political bodies they openly despise. At a tea party event in October of last year, Wilson delivered a 76-slide presentation on why voters should reject the $425 million bond proposal to fund HCC, the gist of which was that enrollment was down and money is expensive. Despite his heroic PowerPoint, that bond passed. In 2011, Wilson sued the HCC trustees to prevent the purchase of land Wilson claimed was overpriced. The suit was summarily dismissed with prejudice and Wilson had to pay court costs.