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WTF Friday: God Ordains the Death Penalty!

In this week’s WTF Friday, Rafael Cruz consults Genesis on the death penalty, Louie Gohmert takes on Obamacare and Barry Smitherman unveils his anti-poverty plan: have kids!

East Texas Couple’s Eviction Prompts Landmark Transgender Rights Case

Roxanne Joganik’s case is likely the first time the Justice Department has gone to court over housing discrimination against a transgender person.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems: The Downside of Houston’s Port Expansion

As Houston moves to expand its port, a coalition releases a report that shows high rates of cancer and respiratory illness among Ship Channel residents.

Observer Radio Episode 33: Heroic Superintendents, Horny Toads and New Restrictions on Abortion

Staff writer Patrick Michels discusses his story from the November issue about superintendents promising to save struggling school districts.