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State Water Bank Proposal Passes Easily

Texas voters continued their streak, since 1985, of approving big-ticket water funding at the polls. Prop 6, despite 11th hour opposition from some tea party groups and environmentalists, passed handily.

Texas’ Voter ID Law: Nothing to See Here, Move Along

Despite the high turnout during this year’s early voting, the problems with the voter ID law are the same ones they’ve always been.

With Abortion Clinics Closing, ‘People Are Really Desperate Now’

In the wake of the Fifth Circuit’s ruling on Texas’ anti-abortion bill, volunteer abortion fund providers are scrambling to help their clients.

Texas Gun Rally at the Alamo

Op-Ed: How Texas Conservatives Keep Gay Couples Locked in Marriage

Texas’ laws against same-sex unions may have the perverse effect of keeping same-sex couples bound in marriage.

Eye On Texas: American Craftsman

Portraits of the American Craftsman is a celebration of the men and women who still handcraft beautiful products right here in the United States.

The High Cost of iPad-mania in Public Schools

In the last two years, Texas schools have spent millions to claim a spot on the front lines of the latest ed-tech revolution. At least 26 school districts in Texas have bought a combined 81,000 iPads for their students.