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A National Book Award Nomination for College Station’s Kathi Appelt

It’s always nice to see Texas writers getting a little national love. College Station resident and young-adult author Kathi Appelt‘s latest novel, The True […]

Hundreds to Tote Loaded Guns at Alamo Rally Tomorrow

Out-of-state and foreign visitors to the Alamo are in for a write-home-about-it treat tomorrow: Hundreds, possibly thousands, of gun-toting activists are showing up for a “family friendly,” “open carry” rally and march dubbed “Line in the Sand.”

Observer Podcast Episode 30: Ted Cruz, Wendy Davis and What Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Said About Obama

In this episode of Observer Radio, Observer editor Dave Mann talks about Ted Cruz’ future.

WTF Friday: Freedom Isn’t Free

With the tea party threatening to blow up the world and election silly primary season well underway in Texas, we were knee-deep in the derp.

Texas Republican Primary Jockeying

Can Houston Councilmember Helena Brown Tell Ted Cruz’s Future?

During her first six months in office, Brown voiced the solitary “no” vote on the 16-person council more than 200 times, often for projects in other members’ districts. You can imagine how popular this made her. And she used these “no” moments to speechify, turning a vote against energy-efficient buildings into a stand for American sovereignty, and a vote against birth control for low-income women into an endorsement of teaching the Bible in schools. She also practiced one-woman obstructionism, often using parliamentary procedures to delay city business other members considered routine and necessary.

Sound familiar?